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About Our Bakery

When we moved ​from Germany to Canada in 2018 one of the first things we noticed was the lack of pretzels and crusty bread in the area. Grown up with pretzels as basic nutrition available everywhere at any time it didn't take long for us to miss those delicious treats for breakfast, for brunch, for lunch, for supper or as a snack. When we started selling pretzels next to our cakes and desserts at the Stony Plain Farmers Market the people went crazy and more and more encouraged us to open a bakery here in Stony Plain. 

It took a while and Covid didn't make it easier but we finally got started after we found a decent location. The support has been overwhelming ever since.

In May 2023 we could open up our second location in Spruce Grove where we have the same variety as in Stony Plain.

Our Products

All our products are handmade with love and a lot of time. Most of them are old traditional German recipes.

Have you ever heard about long-fermentation? We mix our bread doughs 24 hours prior to baking with a minimum amount of yeast or even just sourdough. The fermentation in that time has the effect that the natural toxins which every plant contains get pre-digested up to 99% and it breaks down the gluten which makes our bread wholesome and much easier to digest. Lots of people think they're gluten intolerant because they have trouble with industrial bread and get bloated or have other nasty symptoms. Some people might actually be gluten intolerant but others including ourselves just can't handle the amounts of yeast which are added to ensure a quick 90 minute dough rise before it get's into the oven. In those breads are still 100% of the plant's own toxins left which can cause a lot of issues too.

Artisan Bread
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